If you live in the Grand Rapids area, you might like to take advantage of our Friday delivery service as you shelter in place. We are offering our Hemp Tonic 4 packs of each flavor at a discounted price and our newly released hand sanitizer, dropped off on your doorstep. Order by Thursday at midnight, and use code DELIVERY at checkout to bypass any shipping fees and to let us know your order is for delivery.

If you are new to the Hemp Tonics, or if you’ve been enjoying drinking them but haven’t taken a close look at the details, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce them to you. We make these sparkling health drinks with vortex water, extracts of organic plants, and citrus, minerals, along with a nano-emulsion broad spectrum hemp extract. Here's a little breakdown of each ingredient.

Vortex Water

Our filtered water passes through a double helix DNA type cycloid, curved spiral flow-form which creates a powerful vortex induced implosion in the water. This results in a number of changes to the primary and most important ingredient, water. First is bioavailability. The Vortex Water is structured in a way that allows it to be instantly absorbed by your body. It also aids in the efficient absorption of nutrients by body cells and the excretion of toxins from them. The water is pH balanced, with an increased amount of dissolved oxygen towards its natural level.

Suu Kuu Extracts

Our extracts are made using whole organic plants and citrus, imparting not just flavor, but also medicinal properties to the drink. The flavor of mint, for example, but also its potential to calm the nerves and aid digestion.


Each flavor features a different mineral chelate that pairs with its corresponding extract to work towards an intention in the drink, such as power, clarity, or tranquility. Iron for blood building, zinc for immune support, and magnesium for sleep, recovery, and calcium absorption. The mineral additions in our drinks are a small percentage of your RDA, in case you are already taking supplements or eating a particularly mineral rich diet. 

Nano-Emulsion Hemp Extract

In the beverage world, it is imperative that the hemp, or cannabis if it be the case, is introduced as a water soluble nano-emulsion, otherwise the cannabinoids can adhere to the can lining and remain in the can rather than in your body. In addition to that basic benefit, the nano-emulsion makes the cannabinoids more bioavailable, and in our case, that means CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBDv. These cannabinoids can be more instantly absorbed into the bloodstream and processed by your ECS to move towards metabolic homeostaisis. The CBD and other cannabinoids present in our hemp extract are most efficiently delivered using this nano method. Our hemp extract is Broad Spectrum, which means it contains a group of cannabinoids, mentioned previously, but is free of THC.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

When all of these components come together, the result is a beverage unlike any other that you have had. Deliciously refreshing, slightly bitter, bright and juicy with a little bit of body. Our hemp tonics were inspired by a very special bev experience we had in Finland, and they are among our very favorite of all our herbal products.



It would be hard to say that our new hand sanitizer isn’t also among our favorites, as we are super excited about this one. A natural sanitizer with the power of plants, but without any essential oils! All of our formulas are free of essential oils, and if you’re curious why, you can read more here.

The Island of the Moon hand sanitizer is only available through our website and through the Friday delivery service.