A familiar complexity, the silky delicate petals, tough leaves, and thorny stems showcase the truth of the rose: the power of softness and strength unified. 

Rose has an affinity for the heart. The scent of the flower is an intoxicating aphrodisiac that can excite and enliven the spiritual state of the heart by helping us to feel joy. The growth of joy that rose brings can fill the heart with peace and help it to overcome sorrow and grief. This is its main gift to humanity, to help grow in the heart, to build strength and softness within, allowing us to create strong boundaries as well as an openness to love, especially to love ourselves. For healthy self love is the best way to grow the heart and create space for more love in the world. 

Rose is a gentle nervine, yet powerful in its effectiveness. Here again we can see the duality of softness and strength in this mild antidepressant with subtle sedative properties that can uplift emotions and put the heart at ease. In addition to the heart, rose has historically been used to support the womb space. Rose is an antispasmodic, and blood mover, which can work to break up stagnation and create movement in the pelvic area. Its cooling properties help dispel built up heat and reduce inflammation in the body. Rose also makes a comforting ally for exhaustion and offers support to the immune system, which is especially beneficial for women prior to bleeding when the immune system takes a dip and emotions can be stormy. Find the encouragement and comfort of rose in Five Treasures, one of our Ayurvedic formulas featuring the essence and tincture of rose. This allows the full spectrum of gifts rose offers from emotional stress to physical healing. 

Rose is one of our favorite ingredients to use in topical self care formulas as well, helping the user to experience more love and expand beauty. In our Mother and Her Necklace Breast Balm we use rose to help open the heart chakra, but rose also acts to cool inflammation of the skin and to astringe tissues without drying. It also offers a lot of nourishment and protection to the skin. Rose is antimicrobial, making it an excellent wound healer. The antioxidants and high levels of vitamins C, K, and minerals help to protect and create a moisture barrier that is a critical part of immune system support and of the defense against environmental damage. Our Bay of Rainbows Oil Cleanser and Sea of Nectar both shine in this way of helping to nourish and strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Read more here about why we believe in cleansing the skin with oils. 

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