Violet blossoms are one of the sweetest early signs of spring. They are among the first flower gifts my daughter places in my hand after the cold wet days of winter have thawed away. They hold that cool moist quality of those departing days and offer themselves as gifts that are truly a blessing. The tender blossoms are known as a sign of the rebirth of the earth, and they give a sense of hope. As reflected in the shape of the leaf, they speak to the heart, giving nourishment, comfort, and strength. Those are qualities that are especially needed for this specific season we find ourselves in. Violets help to lift the spirit and inspire adaptability. 

Although violet is not technically a nervine, the qualities are similar in the way it uplifts the spirit and soothes. During difficult times, physically or emotionally, violet can comfort those who are sad, anxious, or in a place of uncertainty. When I am experiencing stress in this way, I will add in a dropperful of Suu Kuu Sea of Serenity into my water or tea to feel a deep sense of grounding in my body and lifting in my spirit. Along with violet, this tincture is made with tulsi, milky oats, nettle, licorice, and hemp, and it is a wonderful formula for reducing inflammation, creating movement in the lymph, nourishing the nervous system, and supporting the endocrine system. 

Violet is also helpful in illnesses that can accompany the shift in seasons. When feeling congested and swollen in the lymph nodes, violet can help to quickly clear stagnation and help the body to cleanse. In addition, the leaves contain a slippery mucilage that helps to moisten mucous membranes, so it makes a great addition to cough syrups or gargles for a scratchy throat. 

Topical applications are very soothing as well. Massaging with an oil infused with violet can soften hardness and blockages in the lymphatic system, which can be especially helpful in breast care. Our Mother and Her Necklace Breast Balm has a blend of lymphagogues that work together to support the release and movement of physical and energetic blocks in the breasts and in the heart space. As mentioned above, the affinity this plant has for the heart shines as you physically massage and help create lightness and openness. Many believe the heart is the center of our soul; let us work intentionally to support this center with the help of violet, and may we be clear and vibrant.