Picture this: it is morning. You unscrew the cap on your bottle of Five Treasures. You drop a tiny taste under your tongue-- bitter and warming-- before filling up a glass with filtered water. Then, you load your dropper up with the amber-colored tincture and slowly let it drop onto the surface of your cup. Each droplet blooms on top of the water, expanding and forming a little cloud of pale yellow. You bring your cup over to the table, where your morning reading waits for you. You sip on your tonic and feel the fog of sleep, of stress, of stagnation lift up and away. Each sip begins with an aroma: the scent of ginger. Earthy and spicy and deeply supportive. As the tonic fills your mouth, you begin to notice the flavors of other plant allies. The taste is herbaceous and lightly floral. A garden is emerging on your tongue. You can pair it with sweet or savory accompaniments-- a fresh scone with local butter and jam, perhaps, or a frittata with salty pesto for breakfast, if you haven’t already finished your glass. The aftertaste leaves a glow within you. The warmth endures, and the herbal bitterness stimulates your digestive system. The tonic is moving through you now, activating each area of your body that needs care. You meditate on this sensation for a moment, remaining still and present as the morning unfolds. This is Five Treasures Supportive Tonic. You are ready for the day ahead.