It is my hope that our culture can become more aware and respectful of female cycles. Our inner rhythms are not a site for shame, but rather a way for women to feel empowered. Women have a cycle that shifts with the moon rather than the sun, but culturally we are not expected to function accordingly. I believe that once this is accepted and respected, we can truly be our best. Additionally, we can be our best if we tune in to and work with our cycles.

We can think of the different phases of our cycles as seasons.  Each month we have an inner winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Winter is the time of menstruation, it is a time to slow down.  I like to wear nonrestrictive loose fitting clothing, treat myself with extra care, meditation, sleep, and warming simple foods with mineral broth. I always make Chai to drink during the week and the week following to offer support to my liver. This is a time to ground and focus on your needs- possibly more limited social activity and more alone time to rest and be inward. During this phase intuition is more keen. This is the gift of this season!  I am lucky that I can choose to not work for these few days and I encourage this for everyone. If this is a possibility for you I recommend making this time sacred and using it to repair and reset for the month to follow. 

The next phase holds the energy of Spring. It is a time when you might feel like stepping out of your comfort zone to try new things, being more social, and physically active. I usually feel extra motivation to start new projects or get back to old projects with new energy and perspective. 

Then, the Summer phase is the peak of your energy where you have the potential to be most active and accomplish a lot, but I find that I am able to use this energy best if I respect the needs of the previous seasons. This is something that sadly our culture does not acknowledge. Rather it has been expected that we live full time to this level.  

The inner season of Autumn is for connecting to your emotions and gathering an understanding of what your needs are and where to create boundaries. Your energy might start to decrease and prepare for the quiet of the inner winter. Extra baths during this time can help with this transition. The warm water can help ground, clear emotions, and balance your mood as well as increase circulation and clear toxins. Try using our Goddess of the Harvest salt scrub to offer further benefits during this time. 

If you are currently focusing on regulating your cycle, I have a few recommendations. First of all, it is helpful to track your menstrual cycle, and to use a journal to take notes on your emotions and energy levels, so that you can become familiar with where you are and how you best function throughout your cycle. You can also use moonlight and sunlight to help regulate the cycle. Spending time outside in the early morning and evening can help to bring a lot of balance. Limiting computer screens and blue light after sunset can make a big difference too. You can use that time to give your body extra care and help it to ground before bed. I also recommend our Five Treasures tincture if you are looking for support in finding a more predictable inner rhythm. 

I believe the way we nourish and care for ourselves on a daily basis leads to a more comfortable moon time. What is best for one body might not be the same for another, but in general, we can all benefit from a local and seasonally curated diet of whole foods with a good amount of healthy fat. I also advise to limit sugar, choosing seasonal fruit and saving other sugar treats for special occasions. Staying hydrated with filtered water, teas, and infusions is very important too. In addition, I advocate for including plenty of bitter flavors. This flavor is limited in the typical American diet, but it is very needed! We need bitter flavors for healthy digestion, and proper liver function. Try Suu Kuu tonics as a hydrating beverage that does not hide the bitter profile. Also, include a lot of greens and bitter herbs in your recipes. 

Favorite Daily Tea Blend

Tulsi / Rose / Mint

Steep 1tbsp of tea in 8oz water for 8 min

Daily Vitamin Infusion

Nettle / Oatstraw or Tops

Steep 2tbsp of herb blend in 16oz lukewarm water for 6+ hours

Lastly, healthy sleep habits contributes to a more easeful moon time. I recommend spending time outdoors daily to connect with the seasonal shifts in your environment, and soaking up the vitamin D when it is available. Give yourself quiet, screen-free time to ground before sleep. I have been feeling a lot of support from an evening foot massage with The Great Black Foot Oil with mugwort and california poppy. It helps my body to let go of the stress of the day and relax. If you need further support for sleep, I recommend using an internal tincture. If your sleep issues stem from day time stress building up and becoming heightened by the end of the day I recommend Sea of Serenity taken mid day. If your sleep stems from pain in the body I recommend taking Lake of Dreams a couple hours before bed. 

The female inner cycle is a subject that I believe is very important, and I am happy that our company is able to offer support in different ways. I have two daughters, and it is my wish that as they grow they will develop a deep understanding and respect for the seasons moving within them. It is my wish for all women. 

Here are some of the tools that I find bring more peace to my moon time.