We are delighted to be working with Kareena Sheely on a special giveaway that will be announced next week on our Instagram page. Stay tuned! For now, we would like to use this space to highlight Kareena, and share our Q&A time with her. Kareena is a beautiful mother, currently living in Wisconsin, where she owns a vintage shop called Prairie LaCrosse, and enjoys her days with her partner and sweet, curly haired daughter.

Q&A with Kareena 

Q- What are your key morning habits that help set the tone for a good day?

A- Mornings... my mornings look a lot different with a toddler now. Hahaha! Mornings are good though, I look forward to them. Emilia and I wake up at the same time.  We start the morning with a little chat and then she grabs a book for me to read with her and we take our time starting our day. I always open up my blinds to let outside light in (it’s my number one thing to set the tone for the day). I start some music, do some stretches, make some tea or coffee, and then take my time before we head out for the day. 

Q- What music have you been enjoying lately?

A- My music is always all over the place, so many genres and eras for different days! Lately, it has been a lot of Belle and Sebastian, The Innocence Mission, The Velvet Underground, Galaxie 500, Spanish Love Songs, Blood Orange, AJJ, Etta James, Brenton Wood, Patsy Cline, The Ramones, the list goes on and on haha!

Q- What are your hobbies?

A- I love making and creating things- sewing, knitting, painting with my toddler, cooking, and collecting vintage clothes and textiles. 

Q- What is one of the most life-changing books you have read?

A- I haven’t read much lately, but the most recent book I’ve read that I enjoyed SO much was Lila by Marilynne Robinson. I haven’t read the others of the trilogy, but I hope to soon!

Q- What seasonal traditions or rituals have you looked forward to the most as we move deeper into winter?

A- Slower mornings, giant pots of warm soup, and more time at home.

Q- What are your evening habits that help you wind down for the day?

A- Lately, its been playing a game of dominoes with Landon. Haha! Watching a show. Washing my face. I am someone who changes out my clothes to comfy clothes the second I get home, so I kind of don’t have a huge wind down routine.

Q- What are your bedside table essentials?

A- Right now, a humidifier!

Q- Do you have any intentions or resolutions for the new year?

A- I do. To be more present, read more, be a bigger voice, and stand up for what’s right, be gentle with myself and my emotions, be more active and present in my community, be an example of what a strong Mexican Native Woman is for my daughter.

Q- What is your favorite way to find balance after days of feeling out of whack or ungrounded?

A- Taking a little day trip with my family always brings me out of a funk, maybe we go to a coffee shop or to find a new hiking spot, but it always works. Or just getting outside to take a walk and breathe some fresh air, which is a little harder for some this time of the year, but it’s so nice. 

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