This week, we are celebrating the release of our new product line, our Sattvic Ayurvedic Collection, which is in collaboration with Ayurvedic counselor Leanna Jacques. It features six blends intended to deepen and elevate self care practices and to help you find a more balanced state. The whole line is nourishing and supportive, and we're so glad to be bringing it to you. Have a look at the full collection here, and there is a brief introduction to each product below.

A combination of oil cleansing and salt cleansing work to absorb toxins and regenerate, while feeding your skin with rich vitamins and minerals. Made with rose, cardamom, and vanilla to encourage a sense of love and a deeply relaxed state.

This warming oil is to be used with light abdominal massage to stimulate digestion, offer pain relief, and ground the body. Made with ginger, long pepper, hibiscus, and shatavari to work against inflammation, spasms, congestion, and pain.

Nourish the nervous system and mind, and ground yourself with this daily oil. Made with rose, brahmi, and hibiscus to help soothe and calm the skin.

This soothing balm was designed to be used in conjunction with your daily breast massage to aid in lymphatic drainage and relieve stagnation. This important practice can nourish the heart chakra and offer protection against hormonal imbalances. Made with violet, calendula, manjistha, and tulsi to purify and clear blockages. 

Five Treasures is a blend of tonic plant allies designed to work on all tissue elements to energize and restore. You may find relief from pain, physical weakness, depletion, stiffness, and stagnation. Made with ginger, long pepper, shatavari, rose, and hoya to to help balance the mind, body and spirit.

This nightly foot massage ritual oil is intended to ground your nervous system and prepare your body for a deep sleep. Made with mugwort, ashwagandha, bala, and california poppy to dispel muscle tension, support circulation, promote relaxation, and calm the mind.