Depending on the time of day and the position of the moon, our bodies are attracted to and more in tune with certain sound vibrations. It is therefore the case, that all music is not appropriate at all times, but there are harmonious selections that can be made to increase our health and vitality. By stimulating the pituitary gland, sound vibrations can directly impact the nervous system and circulatory system, affecting mood, pain, tension, and ultimately overall health. Music can change our consciousness and emotional state, while also making an impression on liver function and blood pressure.

Music is an integral part of Ayurveda, and just as there is a doshic clock, there are assigned melodies for certain times of day. For optimum health, it is ideal to treat your body to the sounds it needs based on the rhythm and cycle of the day. Indian ragas are sound templates arranged for the time cycle. There are eight different periods within the twenty-four hour period, four in the day, and four at night. Each Prahar is 3 hours in length and has its range of defined ragas, which align the body with certain notes and structures for the proper healing effect. For example, listening to one of the selected ragas for 9am-12pm can emanate love and positivity, while one for 3pm-6pm can relax and prepare the body for sleep.

If you venture outside of Indian ragas for musical enjoyment, try to be conscious of the time of day, and what your body is needing for that doshic time, and if Indain ragas are unfamiliar to you, try a few out. It may develop into a regular practice, which can enhance your inner peace, your vibrancy and resilience, and your healing power. We put together a Spotify playlist with a few of our favorite ragas. Enjoy!