This week we came together with our little Suu Kuu community to celebrate Winter Solstice. At this darkest time of year it felt good to be with people full of light. We enjoyed beautiful seasonal foods, touched with the gifts of early spring and summer (spring ramp oils, spruce pollen, fermented summer vegetable powders), prepared for us by friends who spent the summer on Washington Island foraging and cooking. It filled us with excitement for the growing light the new year holds.

We brought a lot of internal heat to the party with the help of ginger. Leanna made us simple sour, pungent, and salty ginger slices to warm up with. I highly recommend this addition to your winter celebrations. These little bites can helps to stoke Agni- the fire element of the body, the energy that creates transformation, digestion, metabolism, luminosity, health, and luster. Supporting a strong well functioning digestive fire is essential for optimum health. 

To make: slice ginger finely. Then, sprinkle with high-quality sea salt, and lime juice. Marinate for at least an hour before eating.

Our featured holiday drink was made with Suu Kuu Five Treasures Supportive Tonic- it’s warming qualities made a nice addition to a winter cocktail. This drink was inspired by the strength of our beautiful rosemary plants that are still shining in our garden now as we greet winter. 

To make: fill each glass with ice, a tsp of fresh lemon juice, sparkling water, one dropperful of Five Treasures, a spring of Rosemary, and a handful of pomegranate seeds. Enjoy.

It was such a gift for us to spend this joyous time with our crew, eating, sipping, chatting, and being inspired. Have a listen to our party playlist, crafted by Jacob, here.

Wishing you all a peaceful winter!