Image © Stella Maria Baer

Like all other forms of self massage, breast massage has far reaching health benefits. Regular breast massage can improve immune function, assist in circulation to help drain excess toxins, calm the nervous system, strengthen tissue, activate lymphatic flow, and harmonize the flow of prana/life force. It is especially important to focus on the breasts, as they have less blood flow and are primarily adipose tissue. Stagnation is the root of disease processes, and when the proper flow of anything in the body is obstructed, out of rhythm, or not functioning properly, that is where pathology can begin. Vata governs movement in the body (circulation, nervous system, menstruation, bowel movement, breath, etc.), therefore keeping vata in proper rhythm is an essential part of good health, and looking at the way things flow or are obstructed in your life, physically or emotionally, is a great place to start. 

The breasts are an area that need your attention and support in order to properly flow. Creating a daily breast massage practice not only helps to physically stimulate movement and cleansing within the tissues, but it also nourishes the heart chakra. Our breast balm, Mother and Her Necklace, assists in the motion of the massage process through a blend of beneficial oils, and the herbs used in this formula have traditionally been used to aid in lymphatic drainage, to purify by releasing toxins, clearing blockages, moving stagnation, and by nourishing the heart. Women and men can both benefit from this practice. We recommend daily, but if starting with a few times a week is what you can do, then start there. 

The Practice of Breast Massage

-Warm the breast balm between your hands.

-Massage breasts briskly in a circular motion in both directions.

-Massage surrounding areas including the armpits.

-Cup breasts in two hands, gently pulling away from the body, then pushing back in. Repeat on each breast.

-Finish by placing both hands on your heart center, and send gratitude to your body and heart.

Allow oil to fully absorb before dressing, or if you are showering after, avoid soap. 

Other Tips for Breast Health

Being active and moving your body throughout the day is helpful too, but avoid restricting bras with underwires and antiperspirants- they are working against you. If you discover a lump during massage avoid massaging in that place and have it looked at by a medical professional. Contraindications are the same with all self massage: cold, flu, fever, pregnancy, first 3-4 days of menstruation.