We make a number of different herbal tinctures at Suu Kuu, all harmonious blends of plant extracts intended to support different systems and functions in the body. A tincture is a kind of herbal extract that specifically uses the solvent alcohol as the menstruum. Our method is to extract the active components of the herbs into a Neutral Grain Spirit over a period of time before filtering, and the reason we use this method is that the alcohol is able to capture elements of the plant that are not water soluble- phytochemicals, volatile oils, and alkaloids, for example. Additionally, the format of the tincture allows for a range of ways to consume herbal medicine, with aspects of ritual and creativity.

The base of the herbal blend, the Neutral Grain Spirit, is like every other ingredient we use in that its quality, origin, and processing are all of great importance to us. Our Spirits are distilled from locally sourced Non GMO Red Winter Wheat by a truly remarkable distillery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Long Road Distillers have been capturing the attention of the world’s spirits enthusiasts for years, as well as winning enumerable awards from international competitions. We are proud to work with them, as they share a passion for locally sourced ingredients, innovative practice, and a finished product that shines with integrity. They have also developed a close relationship with their Red Winter Wheat farmer, and we love that that adds to the true connection throughout the various supply chains of our raw ingredients.

Because the tinctures we make are alcohol based, and distilled from wheat, we have been asked if they are gluten free. We do not claim that these products are gluten free. However, according to the National Celiac Association website, distilled alcohol is considered gluten free, even if the base grain contains gluten. We encourage every consumer to make careful and informed decisions about everything they bring into contact with their bodies.