Our girls are always in conflict over savory or sweet breakfasts, but this option never fails to be loved by everyone in our home and can be customized depending on what you have on hand and what is in season. We make congee at least once a week and it's always such a nourishing way to start the day. 

You will need: 

Sushi rice

Veggies (we usually use carrot, celery, and onion)

Veggie broth



Avocado oil

Miso (optional)


Topping recommendations: 

The Giving Tree (optional)

Sautéed Mushrooms 


Sesame Seeds

Kim Chi

First, rinse about a cup of rice and set aside.

Then, in a large pot sauté the veggies in a small amount of oil for a few minutes. Deglaze the pot with a little tamari and add 4-5 c veggie broth. Add in garlic, grated ginger, and rice. Let cook and add more broth as needed. Once rice is tender and has started to break down into a starchy porridge, remove from heat. 

If adding miso- warm a pot of water almost to boil but not quite and make your miso paste. Mix into the porridge.

Prepare toppings. 

Serve and enjoy!