With a background in writing as well as a former career as a sommelier, I felt the urge to pin down the complex tasting notes of our tonics. It is no secret that we do not try to hide the bitter flavor profile, as we believe that bitterness promotes digestion and more optimal health in the body, but there is so much more to these tonics than just sparkle, acidity, and bitterness. The best way I could convey all of the nuance in these refreshing cans has been to write an evocative poem that hits every note. Enjoy this little piece of writing as you sip your tonic, and as you keep reading you’ll start to taste those subtle flavors highlighted in the poem.

River Dip

At first you see

only rocks and a black dirt path.

Then there is the sound

of water trickling beside you

-- curling over wet stones, slippery with mud.

You can smell the underside of the earth,

clean and untouched.

And stepping into the cold water,

your spine hums. 

It sparkles and holds you,

it is green and good.

You dip your head under

to hear what the inside of a river sounds like.

You bite your lip too hard.

It whispers into your stomach

that you are safe here.

Pink sunlight drips like citrus

into your mouth,

It softens the prickly current

as you float for the afternoon.