Suu Kuu

Seasonal Bundle with Golden Hour Herb Farm and Dream Goats


Nourish your body and spirit with a seasonal wellness bundle designed to support healing and ultimate vitality throughout each unique season. Each basket will include a diversity of products from Suu Kuu, Golden Hour Farm, and Dream Goats. Baskets may be purchased as a full year subscription or for individual seasons. Local delivery options with fresh flowers available for selected Michigan areas (Greater Grand Rapids area, Grand Traverse County, and Holland). All other orders available to ship with second jar of tea to the United States only.   


Suu Kuu Salve of the Universe 

Suu Kuu Hemp Tonics  (two of each flavor) 

Golden Hour Full Moon June Tea 

Golden Hour Motherwort Honey

Golden Hour Flower Bouquet (Second tea for orders outside of West Michigan)

Dream Goats seasonal soap bar


Suu Kuu Five Treasures Supportive Tonic

Suu Kuu The Great Black Foot Oil

Golden Hour Evening Tea 

Golden Hour Seasonal Bouquet (Second tea for orders outside of West Michigan)

Golden Hour Garlic - 1 lb

Dream Goats seasonal soap bar


Suu Kuu Mouth Moon Immunity Mouthwash

Suu Kuu Sea of Crises Lip Balm

Suu Kuu Island of the Moon Hand Sanitizer

Golden Hour Mugwort & Vervain Honey

Golden Hour Immune Boon Herbal Chai

Golden Hour Elder Elixir 

Dream Goats seasonal soap bar


Suu Kuu Sea of Serenity Adrenal Support  800 mg 

Golden Hour Spring Bitters Blend

Golden Hour Vitamin Infusion

Golden Hour Mushroom Maple Syrup 

Dream Goats seasonal soap bar

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