Suu Kuu was started in 2018 by West Michigan Herbalist and student of Anthroposophy, Erika Hanson. Erika has been connected to and involved with plants for over 30 years, integrated deeply into her life as plant allies, or as beautiful inspiration and sources of joy, or as plant-based whole food, or plant medicines. With an extensive background in health and healing, she understands plants and their physical and spiritual properties, and works directly with local farms to stay connected with those aspects during the production process. She created Suu Kuu to share the many healing gifts of plants with anyone on a path to healing, looking for high quality, organic plant medicines. 

Suu Kuu makes high vibrational formulas to maximize vitality, featuring freshly dried and extracted, organic tonic and adaptogenic herbs. The hemp extract featured in many of our products can promote well being, both physically and mentally, and can work with the other ingredients to expand their potential. In all of our multi-dimensional formulas from hemp tonics to traditional herbal tinctures to organic skin care, we focus on high bio-availability. For the tonics, this means using vortex water and a nano-emulsion broad spectrum hemp extract. For the tinctures, it means using a locally distilled grain spirit as a means of making the CBD more absorbable, and in the case of skin care, it's using cold pressed organic oils which can offer deep tissue relief. We strive to make comprehensive and synergistic blends that are effective in finding metabolic homeostasis and balance in the body.

We are committed to compassionate and sustainable practices in our business, and the businesses we partner with for supplies or services. We promote good health, peace between people, and care for the earth.

Suu Kuu
Kingsley, MI