Thank you for being careful and discerning with your herbal supplements. We test our products for aerobic plate count and Cannabinoid profile/potency at third-party accredited laboratories in Michigan and Illinois. We require COAs from our hemp processors to insure that our ingredients are free of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, mildew, or mold. The results are posted below for both our isolate and broad spectrum formulas. 

SUU KUU 30ml 

Mountain of the Spirit 2001


The Giving Tree 1310-1311


Five Treasures 1601


Sea of Serenity 910

Sea of Serenity 911


Lake of Dreams 510


Mouth Moon 210


Sea of Tranquility 1010-1011

Sea of Tranquility 1012


SUU KUU 120 ml

Sea of Nectar


SUU KUU Hemp Tonics

Mint Magnesium 5/19/20

Mint Magnesium 9/24/20

Grapefruit Nettle 9/24/20

Celery Lime 9/29/20

Mint Magnesium 12/9/21

Grapefruit Nettle 12/9/21