"I’ve been using Suu Kuu products over the past year and am happy for the quiet ritual they bring into my life. Being an introvert/extrovert, I have a tendency to overbook my day when it involves people and projects that I love. After a few idea filled and passionate conversations with friends or clients, I had the tendency to burn out quick and either hole up for a little too long, or have a cocktail to take the edge off. Ever since a friend turned me on to Erika’s work at Suu Kuu, I now know that my days have more longevity if I take a moment to have one her CBD tonic beverages between meetings or projects, as like magic, my nervous system doesn’t become over stimulated so quickly!" @jaimiecskr


"Suu Kuu has reprogrammed, nourished, and supported me holistically since I have used it. I am thankful for its friendship, and the exciting benefits of adding it to my daily self care. My skin, immune system, and stress levels have been more vibrant and peaceful, things I hope for each person in the world." @uphighintrees


"Suu Kuu offerings are such a powerful addition to my daily wellness routine... I've dealt with eczema since I was a little girl, and during the colder season my skin has always felt particularly sensitive and dry, until discovering Suu Kuu skin care. I usually apply the BAY OF RAINBOWS Oil Cleanser to my face with my fingertips and then soak a washcloth under warm water and press it gently over my face while I breathe. The rose and sea buckthorn oil are heavenly; afterwards, my skin always feels revitalized and smooth. Following the cleanser, I close my eyes and mist my face with the SEA OF NECTAR Skin Toner. It adds moisture to my skin, and contains the essence of many healing flowers I believe to be sacred. I open my eyes feeling grounded with protection and embodied with all things holy." @hyssop.floral


"I have been using SEA OF SERENITY as part of my morning routine for the past year. During that time I have had a big move, along with other major life changes. SEA OF SERENITY has helped me to feel more grounded in my thoughts and feelings, and given me an energy to extend compassion and care to myself and to others." @tenaeva


Alyssa on Salve of the Universe, “It really is a cure-all! My hands are usually so dry from working with fiber all the time, but this winter they’ve stayed soft since I started applying this wonder balm. I truly cannot get enough. I take it with me wherever I go, and it’s also been such a help with my wrist, which I recently strained. Since using the Salve of the Universe, swelling has gone down considerably. Plus, it smells great and feels lovely on the skin.” @alyssanatoci


Melissa has realized as she ages that “it's just as important to care for my skin as it is to care for my diet. I have fallen into the drug store routine for my facial care which has left my skin looking and feeling dull (so many chemicals). I was happy to receive Sea of Clouds Face Serum from my friends who own this wonderful company and in the past few days my skin feels wonderful. In the morning I look rejuvenated. No more dull skin. The all natural face serum smells and feels amazing!! I look forward to trying more products.” UPDATE: After trying more products, Melissa swears by Sea of Serenity Adrenal Support as her only relief for debilitating allergies. @mssapphire


“I feel like these herbal creations elevate my day to day- every cell in my body gets excited when I use these tinctures! You could say I’m obsessed. Honestly, I can feel the grounded intention in the purity and vibrancy of every ingredient.”  @leanna.jaques


Karis started using Lake of Dreams Sleep and Rest Aid just after a whirlwind month of work travel in Europe. It helped her with recovering normal sleeping patterns post travel. “It’s like stepping into a lavender cloud, helpful for relaxing and quieting my brain at the end of the day, and beginning the transition to rest.” @kmedinamc


Lisa loves the smell and feel of the Salve of the Universe, and carries it with her everywhere to care for her dry hands, lips, cuticles, and elbows. Salve of the Universe also helped to quickly heal a burn on her hand without ant scarring. @vanarragon


“The shift I have experienced while working with breast massage and Suu Kuu’s Mother and Her Necklace have been so tender and transformative.  My lymph tends to move slowly so to spend intentional time massaging my breasts with Mother and Her Necklace has resulted not only in an increased energy flow in and around my breasts and heart, but there is a distinct power I feel emanating; an aliveness and potency! I have also noticed that where there was dense tissue there is now a suppleness. Highly recommend!” @nicolefrancecoe


After finishing a Library Science program, Alex used Invisible Friend to guide her through the post-school transition. She also used Sea of Clouds Face Serum to help soothe and heal jaw tension caused by teeth grinding during times of stress, massaging it into her face as part of her nightly ritual. She wakes up with a sense of peace. @figgy_figgy_figgy


Emily used a combination of Salve of the Universe and Lake of Dreams Sleep and Rest Aid to combat a stubborn case of eczema, and experienced rapid healing. @emily_s_skinner


Korin uses Lake of Dreams Sleep and rest aid to mellow out the chatty mind before bedtime. “It’s nice before my afternoon yoga session, too! @anycolor_you_like


“Products are incredible. I have experienced great changes in my life using Suu Kuu products. Sea of Serenity Adrenal Support gives me energy, and it has a calming effect.” @stevelexus1